Here’s 49½ Ideas for Amazing Results with Web Push Notifications

Considering the fact that web push notifications are looking to be like an extremely strong channel for marketers and business owners who want to enlarge their audience size, increase sales, have more engagement with their audience or simply do anything else that they possibly could want that has to do with the audience that they are catering to.

We have talked in the past about all the advantages that web push notifications have over other methods of engaging with your audience, but this is where the rubber meets the road. We’re about to name 49 (and a half) ideas that you could use web push notifications with. Hey, don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody if you steal one or ten of them ?

  1. Let your users download freebies
  2. Notify them about upcoming or ongoing contests
  3. Remind them about their entries in said contests
  4. Let them know that they are actually part of the contest through a confirmation
  5. Let them know who won
  6. Give them access to the announcement of the winner or winners before the general public
  7. Access to offers that they might not otherwise have heard about
  8. Updates about your site
  9. Let users know about upcoming events that they might have missed
  10. Access to premium materials for free, exclusively to them
  11. Purchase confirmations
  12. Links to interesting or engaging content such as videos, articles or audio
  13. Let them know how they can get access to a particular product before anybody else
  14. Announcements about your website or brand
  15. Access to flash sales
  16. Access to flash discounts, expiring coupons or other compulsory ways to save money
  17. Announcements about new products
  18. Updates on new products
  19. Options to buy before anybody else
  20. Upsells based on recent purchases
  21. Tracking of products that they bought
  22. Updates on the location or status of their purchases
  23. Notices about the status of a subscription that they have with you
  24. Reminders about expiring offers that they might be interested in
  25. Offers in case they want to renew their membership early
  26. Notifications about loyalty programs
  27. Notices about rewards earned through those programs
  28. Offers based on their current location
  29. Exclusive prices on products based on the time of purchase
  30. Reminders about invoices that they have pending
  31. Engagement of users who are not active fans of your website or brand through incentives
  32. “We miss you” notifications for users who are visiting your website less with the passing of time
  33. Letting non-engaging users know about special offers that only they can have access to
  34. Lifehacks
  35. Rewards based on the amount of time they spent on your website
  36. Gamification of parts of your website through a point program
  37. Daily reminders for people who use your website often
  38. Reminders about products that are going low/going out of stock
  39. Messages with time-sensitive content (act now and you will get X…)
  40. Alerts about news that the users must know about
  41. Highly relevant highlights about a new product
  42. Notices about downtime
  43. Notices about updates
  44. Letting users know about changes in the UI
  45. Updates on ongoing stories
  46. Invitations to engage through social media
  47. Invitations to webinars that will not be recorded or available on-demand
  48. Invitations to share content with other people who can find it relevant
  49. Tips on how to use a recently-purchased product

49½. Invitations to join your email newsletter

As you can likely tell, we were being a bit facetious with that last one -thus why we only called it half an idea- but you get the point.

These are just some of the ways in which Web Push Notifications can increase your engagement, sales, brand-awareness and more. As we have discussed in previous posts, the rate of engagement with web push notifications is like nothing before it. As far as visibility is concerned, you are talking about numbers nearing 100% and engagement is also pretty great, over 10 times that of traditional email by some estimates.

But even more than that, you have to keep in mind the fact that web push notifications are just plain fun. They are easy and quick for the user to see, they are highly relevant and they are not as time-consuming as traditional email.

It’s very hard for users to just ignore your web push notifications, unlike emails, which can rot in their inboxes or just never been seen at al.

This is not to say that web push notifications are a full replacement for email communications, but they sure are an excellent complement to them and you should make sure to integrate them in your marketing toolkit, we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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